Maltcms 1.2 Released on April 20th, 2012

The Modular Application Toolkit for Chromatography Mass Spectrometry project is a framework mainly for programmers and power-users for data preprocessing tasks, such as filtering, baseline correction, peak finding, alignment, and visualization of high-throughput data.

Maltcms 1.2.0 has seen a number of changes:
  • Reworking of the TICPeakFinder for improved baseline and SNR estimation leading to better and more consistent integration results.
  • New Savitzky-Golay filter for local polynomial smoothing.
  • ANDIChromImporter now remaps to ANDI-MS for easier compatibility with existing commands.
  • Added peak normalization and export facilities for aligned peaks and their areas.
  • Parallelized PeakCliqueAlignment similarity calculations.
  • Reorganized CWT-based peak finding classes.
Known Issues:
  • (From 1.1) Xml io providers (except for mzML) may be rather slow on access, this will be fixed in one of the next releases.

To get started, please visit the Maltcms 1.2 Maven site.

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