Maltcms 1.2.1 Released on September 11th, 2012

The Modular Application Toolkit for Chromatography Mass Spectrometry project is a framework mainly for programmers and power-users for data preprocessing tasks, such as filtering, baseline correction, peak finding, alignment, and visualization of high-throughput data.

Maltcms 1.2.1 has seen a number of changes:
  • Script locations for and maltcms.bat have been relocated to bin/
  • MALTCMSDIR has been replaced by MALTCMS_HOME
  • No need to configure java or the class path anymore
  • Default output directory is now in the current working directory below 'maltcmsOutput'
  • Launching of groovy scripts has been included in
  • Fixed default parameter for baseline estimation in cfg/xml/chroma.xml which lead to no peaks being found, when using the default cdf dataset from
  • Added generation of maltcms.log file for easier bug reporting
  • Fixed a bug in java location code
  • Fixed a bug in default configuration location code

Please consult the README file supplied with Maltcms for instructions on how to get started!

For further information, please visit the Maltcms 1.2.1 Maven site.

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