Maltcms 1.3 Released on October 10th, 2013

The Modular Application Toolkit for Chromatography Mass Spectrometry project is a framework mainly for programmers and power-users for data preprocessing tasks, such as filtering, baseline correction, peak finding, alignment, and visualization of high-throughput data.

Maltcms 1.3 has seen a number of changes:
  • Improved BiPACE and BiPACE2D pipelines for alignment of peak lists from 1D and 2D chromatography-mass spectrometry.
  • Maltcms artifacts now expose osgi dependency information and can be deployed in osgi-compatible runtime containers. The maltcms-osgi-distribution module lists all required dependencies. Services are not yet exposed!
  • The maltcms-nbm module provides NetBeans Rich Client Platform compatible modules.
  • Preliminary support for Agilent Chemstation _.D_ directories with peak reports in '.xls' format.
  • MS/N Support for mzML, also available for custom NetCDF format via ms_level variable, integrated in Chromatogram abstractions in the maltcms-datastructures module.
  • Preliminary Support for extraction of mzML TIC chromatograms via total_ion_current_chromatogram and total_ion_current_chromatogram_scan_acquisition_time.
  • New optional caching system for lower memory footprint using Ehcache.
  • Transcoding support from netCDF to mzML and vice versa.
  • Repository Structure Changes: The Maltcms git repository has been reorganized. Cross related code is now located here.

This version is backwards compatible to 1.2.x releases of maltcms concerning the workflow format. However, some commands have additional properties, so please check whether your pipelines require updating. Parameters are introduced with sensible default values, usually meaning that they are not used when not explicitly configured.

More information may be found here.

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